Research, design and manufacture of bespoke equipment

From project to design, CAP Engineering Solutions & Services follows your project and works hard to achieve it from beginning to end. All our machines are unique, manufactured according to specific requests, allowing researchers to conduct their tests as needed.

We're offering all our knowledge for the manufacture of R & D bespoke equipment in various sectors: semiconductor, biomedical, nanotechnology, surface treatment, new materials ... We control all stages of the manufacturing process of the equipment, but at your request we can:

  • Design the equipment from start to finish
  • Manufacture to your own design.


We work particularly in the design and manufacture of:

R&D Chambers :

  • Multi-materials aluminium, stainless steel, ...
  • All types of flanges ISO, ASA, KF, CF, ... 
  • Helium leak check

Rotating ferrofluidic feed-through :

  • With possibility to include liquid, gas and electric feed-through

Load lock :

  • Manual or automatic
  • All kinds of samples

Manipulators :

  • Rotatif, Linear, multi-axes
  • Manual or automatic 

Electronic design, customize electronics boards and racks :

  • Microcontroller board, signal traitment, specialized functions ...
  • Multi-layers boards, smd, serigraphy, RFID ...
  • Rack or custom enclosure

Control and automation system:

  • Industrial controller
  • Solutions based on microcontrollers

Supervision under LabView :

  • multi-level, multi-user control
  • Historicals, recipe management, data exchange
  • Intuitive and ergonomic screens 


Boite à gaz 3 lignes

UHP specific gas box and gas line :

  • HP, SDS, Uptime bottle
  • Ultra High Purity (UHP), Low Pressure (LP), liquid line
  • Orbital welding
  • Fitting (VCR, VCO, ...)
  • Mass flow meters, micrometric valves
  • Manuals, pneumatics (Low pressure, High pressure, ALD...) valves
  • Helium leak check

Aluminum profile or mechanically welded chassis :

  • Main frame
  • Enclosure

Electrical Power distribution boxes :

Focus and scanners systems :

  • Magnetic or electrostatic
  • Analog or digital generation
  • Electronics amplifiers

Holder :

  • Heated, cooled (10K - 1000K)
  • Rotating and / or variable angle
  • All kind of sample size


Manufacture of bespoke equipment


R&D Implanteur

Flexible R&D implanter in energy, AMU, kind of source, chamber, etc....

Whatever the application, CAP Engineering Solutions & Services can support the project from the preliminary studies to conception and manufacture of the equipment: 

  • A phase of significant review to take into account from the start all the required parameters and explore the best solutions to provide the right equipment.
  • The three-dimensional modeling of our projects to get a firm idea and work more efficiently.
  • After agreement, begin manufacture.


At each of these steps, we work closely with our customers to provide a unique machine.

From prototype to industrial equipment

Ultra thin layer deposition machine for OLED encapsulation

Many researchers come to us already having an idea of the machine they want. We work with them in the development of their equipment making sure we give a more professional look and a more aesthetic appearance.




Various customers, special requests

Ligne Faisceau Positron

Positron beam line in a controlled magnetic field

CAP Engineering Solutions & Services has many years of experience in ion implanters and vacuum technology. This specialized expertise has allowed us to manufacture, in recent years, several bespoke custom machines, unique in the world, to support customer projects around the world:

  • Positron Defect Probe Beam Line & Sample Chamber for the Canadian McMaster University.
  • Production equipment for thin film deposition for CINAM Marseille (CNRS laboratory specializing in nanoscience) designed by the company Encapsulix and manufactured by us.
  • 50KV 20mA ion beam generator



Most of these machines benefit from expanded on-demand features, allowing researchers who have ordered to perform tests and new experiences.

For manufacture details, see our projects.