R&D ion implanter manufacture

The implanters that we design for R &D are manufactured specifically to allow the researchers to obtain equipment adapted to their research and to their objectives.

The manufacture of R&D ion implanters for the doping of semiconductors or for any other use requires a specific knowledge, which we can supply having experience over a period of 20 years in the industry. We propose custom-made ion implanters.


R&D Implanteur

Flexible R&D implanter in energy, AMU, kind of source, chamber, etc....

  • Energy : 1-300 KV
  • AMU : up to 250, resolution > 1000
  • All Stable Elements
  • Beam current > 10mA (According to species)
  • Source : All kind of gas, liquid, solid (from 50°C to 1100°C), sputtering
  • Electrostatic, magnetic ou mechanical scanning and focus system
  • Heated, cooled, directional holder
  • Mechanical electrod up to 3 axes
  • PC Control and supervision (LabVIEW)

We manufacture various types of ion sources which we provide according to the projects and the applications

  • Freeman source
  • Bernas source
  • ELS source
  • Sputtering source
  • Penning source