Equipment refurbishing and upgrading

We can manufacture bespoke special machines but we also work on existing machines for refurbishing, renovating, add functionality, improve their performance. A service extremely valued by the researchers wishing to develop or simply to update the machines on which they work.

Equipment can sometimes, after several years, present limits or weaknesses, require an up-grade, a compliance to new standards, repairs or improvements. A researcher may wish to develop his machine to widen his field of investigation or facilitate new research. For all these reasons, CAP ENGINEERING Solutions & Services performs services of refurbishment, reconditioning, retrofitting, modernization and improvement, updating of equipment.

New benefits and increased performance

Less expensive than the purchase of a new machine, retrofitting, upgrading and reconditioning solutions allow to update of an existing machine. This improves the efficiency and easier operation of the machine by changing parts or obsolete technologies.

  • Refurbish :  Repair a machine and make it again as new, hand it to the current safety standards
  • Refitting, updating and modernization: bring new functions to answer new requirements, drive improvements


Projects on request

After study of your equipment, we shall be capable of telling you what are the possible evolutions. Do not hesitate to contact us to announce of your projects.

  • Varian 350D Implanter sputter ion source upgrading
  • Axcelis NV3204 Ion Implanter refurbish
  • R & D chamber (focus and scanner) of Whickham implanter upgading and Implementation of a system of deceleration, in the addition of a door-substratum for waffer 4 inches 500°C 
  • Manufacturing of R & D chambers, rotating ferrofluidic feed-through, load-lock, vacuum system, manipulators
  • Electronic design, electronic boards, specific racks (for example electrostatic scanning system, ion implanter dosimeter, control system by optical fiber, …)
  • Control command, automation and LabVIEW supervision
  • Gas process management (implanter gas box, spécifics UHP gas line, orbitals welding, corrosive gas/liquid, …)
  • Aluminium profile and mechanically welded chassis
  • Electrical power distribution cabinet, wiring
  • Scanner and focus electrostatic/magnetic system
  • Heated/cooled, rotating (tilt and twist), mechanized, under high vacuum holder

To know the detail of these projects, consult our Projects section.