Varian 350D sputter ion source

To be able to produce ions beams of noble materials as the gold and platinum, the Varian 350D implanter at the ITHEMA laboratory was upgraded by CAP Engineering solutions & services. A control system was set up in the machine as well an additional specific electronic system. The design of this specific ion source was realized with the cooperation of the company Ion Links Int. Ltd..

Mission : upgrade

Customer : ITHEMA Wits University, South Africa

Delivery : 2012

 Upgrade of sputte ion source for Varian 350D implanter allowing the production of beams of gold, platinum, iron and many other species without the need for corrosive gases.

  • Supply a sputter ion source type on an equipment for which it had not been originally designed. In order to produce species which it did not have been able to produce till now (in particular golden ion)

  • Implant a control system and additional specific power supplies in the machine