R&D 50KV ion implanter Project

Development of a 50KV Ion Implanter in collaboration with IONLINKS. Freeman type source equipped with an high-pressure neutral gas box (Ar, He, N2, ...) containing 2 lines with independent purge system, a high temperature crucible 1000 ° C, an Extraction electrode mounted on 3 axis manipulator and a Target Chamber with flag and manipulator.

Mission : Design and manufacturing

Customer : research center, United-States

Delivery : 2016

Development of a 50KV ion implanter for a research center in the United States including :

  • Design a Freeman type ion source 
  • 2-lines gas box with independent purge system 
  • Extraction Electrode mounted on a 3 axis (Tilt, X et Z) manipulator separateur
  • High temperature crucible 1000°C 
  • Research chamber with Flag and manipulator. 
  • Fiber optique Control system (PFC). 
  • Implementation of a Supervision system under LabVIEW.