Machine manufacturing project for CINAM Marseille

The CINAM (Interdisciplinary Center of Nanoscience) of Marseille needed a R&D machine to realize ultra-thin layers of encapsulation on varied supports. In association with the company Encapsulix which finalized the process, CAP Engineering Solutions & Services participated in the manufacturing of a prototype which is in the Microelectronic Center of Provence in Gardanne (FRANCE) today.

Mission : Manufacturing

Customer : Marseille CINAM FRANCE (13)

Delivery : 2013 and 2014

Manufacturing of a R&D machine, Infinity P400 ™ Encapsulix, allowing the realization of ultra thin layers of encapsulation (aluminum oxide, zinc oxide, oxide of titanium) on various types of supports (wafers, glasses, polymers) for the Interdisciplinary Center of Nanoscience ( CINAM)


  • Manufacturing of the machine (frame, electrical panel), from the design realized by the company Encapsulix
  • Assembly and installation of the machine in the Microelectronic Center of Provence Georges Charpak (center of training and research the graduate school of the Appearances of Saint-Etienne) in Gardanne FRANCE
  • Manufacture of the prototype imagined by the company Encapsulix


Ultra thin layer deposition machine for OLED encapsulation

Further to the success of this operation, CAP Engineering Solutions & Services was chosen by the company Encapsulix to assemble and install its first industrial machine for the production (encapsulation of OLED): Encapsulix M500 ™.