An 200MC ion implanter dating from the 1980s had to be refurbished and returned to a more reliable use. Improvements were also made and new features added during this mission of refurbishing and upgrading.

Mission : refurbish and upgrade

Customer : Strasbourg CNRS, FRANCE (67)

Delivery : 2016

Project of refurbishing of an 200MC ion implanter built at the beginning of the 1980s, modernization and upgrading of the machine :

  • Return to the safety standards of equipment

  • Improvement of the electronics and the management of the fluids

  • Renovation of the system of control commands and development of a supervision software under LabVIEW 

  • Manufacture of a gas box, implementation of a new system of scanning and dosimetry



  • Addition of new features: installation of a deceleration mode for ions beam until 1KV