Projects Undertaken

The projects we undertake are varied: design and manufacturing of bespoke equipment and ion implanters, upgrades, retrofits and refurbishing of existing equipment. All these projects offer customized products and answer every request in a personalized way. We propose a selection of different projects characterizing our knowledge.



Design and manufacturing an XRF fluorescence analysis equipment.



Design and manufacturing a spectral analysis equipment


ALD equipment for ENCAPSULIX

The company ENCAPSULIX has solicited us for the development of the control boxes, the electrical network, the chassis and the assembly of an R & D machine to realize ultra-thin layers of encapsulation.

CNRS Strasbourg


An 200MC ion implanter dating from the 1980s had to be refurbished and returned to a more reliable use. Improvements were also made and new features added during this mission of refurbishing and upgrading.

50KV Implanter

R&D 50KV ion implanter Project

Development of a 50KV Ion Implanter in collaboration with IONLINKS. Freeman type source equipped with an high-pressure neutral gas box (Ar, He, N2, ...) containing 2 lines with independent purge system, a high temperature crucible 1000 ° C, an Extraction electrode mounted on 3 axis manipulator and a Target Chamber with flag and manipulator.

Sorbonne INSA Toulouse

Development of Gas Box and Sorbonne for the INSA Toulouse Laboratory

Within the development framework of a catalysis process, INSA Toulouse needed equipment consisting of a complete gas box associated with its management, its primary pumping system and a Sorbonne.

CNRS Poitiers


An NV3204 ion implanter dating from the 1980s had to be refurbished and returned to a more reliable use. Improvements were also made and new features added during this mission of refurbishing and upgrading.


Machine manufacturing project for CINAM Marseille

The CINAM (Interdisciplinary Center of Nanoscience) of Marseille needed a R&D machine to realize ultra-thin layers of encapsulation on varied supports. In association with the company Encapsulix which finalized the process, CAP Engineering Solutions & Services participated in the manufacturing of a prototype which is in the Microelectronic Center of Provence in Gardanne (FRANCE) today.

McMaster Canada

Whickham implanter upgrade

The MCMASTER university, in Canada, needed to upgrade its Whickham ™ implanter to be able to implant wafers of 150 mm (6 "). CAP Engineering manufactured a R&D chamber equipped with a universal holder for every type of samples up to 150 mm, with a system of apertures exchangeable, with one "setup flag " and a system of electrostatic scanning and focus.


R&D Chamber Design and manufacture

Within the framework of the project MIPBF on the analysis of the defects in materials, CAP Engineering Solutions & Services in partnership with the company Ion Links Int.Ltd. manufactured an R&D chamber with various integrated systems (apertures, magnetic positioning of the positron beam, rotary platen for substrates, Penning ion source, MCP, positioning table for GE detector, 10K-1000K sample holder).

Sputter ion source

Varian 350D sputter ion source

To be able to produce ions beams of noble materials as the gold and platinum, the Varian 350D implanter at the ITHEMA laboratory was upgraded by CAP Engineering solutions & services. A control system was set up in the machine as well an additional specific electronic system. The design of this specific ion source was realized with the cooperation of the company Ion Links Int. Ltd..


SINAX refurbishment project for ATMEL

The ATMEL company required CAP Engineering Solutions & Services to proceed with the reconditioning (return to safety standards and conformity) of SINAX tests robots.

50KV 20mA ion source

50KV 20mA ion beam generator

Development of a 50KV 20mA ions generator in association with the company Ion Links Int. Ltd.. Freeman's source, equipped with neutral or corrosive high-pressure gas line (Ar, He, N2, BF3), low-pressure line for typical bottle SDS or UPTIME, liquid line (CCl4, TiCl4) and of a high-temperature crucible (1100 °C). Electrode of extraction gone up on manipulator 3 axes, gas box 4 lines with independent system of purge.