Working with customers to meet their needs

CAP Services are distinguished by a desire to offer customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of researchers.

Objectives to allow our work to provide quality services to highly challenging customers.


A desire to offer custom-made Services

For all our services, we always respond case by case to each application submitted to us. The Company does not propose a catalogue of machines, but produces prototype based on specific needs. The machines are designed, developed and manufactured to offer ergonomic design and easy operation, without sacrificing aesthetics.


An ability to adapt to specific requests

Listening to requests from researchers, academics and high tech companies. CAP will discuss requirements in order to create equipment that matches their expectations. CAP is also thinking about the evolutionary aspect of the machine, allowing point by point response to customers current and future requirements.

  • adaptability
  • scalability
  • mastery of new technologies

A true versatility

Our knowledge is flexible and our proven expertise allow us to consider various applications related to research and development, design / manufacture of bespoke machines, improvement / retrofitting of existing equipment and refurbishment. We also provide R & D ion implanters and develop software to operate our machines. Once the equipment is delivered and installed by CAP, we offer training and provide after-sales service.