Order Process Framework

Starting from the specific customer request CAP design and manufacture the equipment to fulfil all the desired criteria. For all our services, we take the time to analyze these requests in order to provide the best possible response to our clients, which we support from the design of the equipment to its effective service.

Our work is performed in an atmosphere of trust, in a structured process:

  1. Listening to the customer and its requests
  2. Analysis of customers requirements and expectation
  3. Formalization of the specification
  4. Reflect on the possibility to implement
  5. Design of the machine and its software
  6. Manufacturing equipment
  7. Delivery of the equipment in its place of operation
  8. Training in the use and maintenance of the machine


Involvement from design to Power-up

We design bespoke equipment to meet specific requests, manage shipping, installation on site anywhere in the world. We organize training of staff who will use and maintain equipment.


Discipline and transparency

Throughout the period of manufacture, reports are regularly made ​​and videoconferences are scheduled so that you can track the progress of your project and the manufacturing process of  your equipment.