A company serving researchers

CAP Engineering Solutions & Services is based on the expertise of Pierre Caries and his team of engineers and technicians since 2010 in the field of ion implantation and vacuum equipment.

CAP Engineering Solutions & Services was established in 2010 by Pierre Caries, leveraging his 20 years of experience in ion implantation to pioneer exploration into new features and capabilities of equipment. The company was founded upon a robust and extensive expertise in vacuum technology and ion implanters, tailored for applications in both research and development and industrial sectors.


A partner to assist researchers

CAP Engineering Solutions & Services harnesses the latest advancements in science and technology to cater to industries, research laboratories, universities, and researchers across various sectors including semiconductor, biomedical, nanotechnology, surface treatment, and new materials. The company provides a platform for clients to actualize their needs and explore their ideas through prototypes customized to their specific requirements.

A team at servicing of research

CAP Engineering Solutions & Services comprises a team of specialists in ion implantation, advanced technicians, and engineers dedicated to creating prototypes tailored to support researchers in their endeavors.