CAP Engineering Solution & Services, specialist ion implanter company

Specialist in ion implantation and vacuum equipment. We work both with researchers and companies in areas of semiconductor, nanotechnology, surface treatment, biomedical and new materials to provide equipment to meet their needs. We also create software for machines as well as refurbishing, upgrading and retrofitting of equipment. All our services are specific and individual to the requirements of the customer, offering scope for scalability.


CAP Engineering Solutions & Services is based on the expertise of Pierre Caries and his team of engineers and technicians since 2010 in the field of ion implantation and vacuum equipment.


CAP Services are distinguished by a desire to offer customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of researchers.

Order Procedure

Starting from the specific customer request CAP design and manufacture the equipment to fulfil all the desired criteria. For all our services, we take the time to analyze these requests in order to provide the best possible response to our clients, which we support from the design of the equipment to its effective service.